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DocuSign Login
A DocuSign account is required for access. If you have not received an account activation email from DocuSign, please notify Help Desk so your account can be created.


1) Navigate to the following site:

2) Enter your email address, click on the yellow “CONTINUE” button

3) Enter your password, click on the yellow “LOG IN” button.


IMPORTANT: Your login credentials are unique to you and should never be shared with anyone else. Be sure to change your password if you feel it has been witnessed by others. If you feel your credentials have been compromised, please follow the appropriate Breach Notification protocol.


DocuSign Training and Documentation
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Company-Specific Guidance
Click on the following link below to learn about specific guidance that is unique to our use of DocuSign.


 – DocuSign: How to Send an Agreement


DocuSign Training and Documentation
Click on the following links below to learn more:


 – How to Manage an In Person Signing


 – Signer Experience in DocuSign



The “What”:

DocuSign is a web-based electronic agreement/contract management program. With the ability to manage our agreements electronically, the program allows us to provide better care to our residents as well as make our jobs more efficient.

We have invested in DocuSign as our tool for executing and delivering Residency Agreements. This new tool replaces the paper/pen process previously in place.


The “Why”:
Now more than ever, we want to make agreement process for new members and their families as convenient as possible. We also want to make sure we maintain a high standard in the content and visual appearance of our contacts. We firmly believe that the proper use of DocuSign will allow for the following:

Team Members.
Significantly reduce the time and effort for Team Members to properly execute and manage the agreement process. To name just a few ways:
– Fillable Forms.
– Management Console that allows in-depth tracking of all agreements and the stage of completion.
– Auto reminders for new members and their families to complete necessary sections.
– High-resolution digital copies of the agreement after execution for easy upload to our EHR (myUnity). No need for scanning to upload.
– Easily copy and paste data from agreement to EHR (myUnity)

New Members and their Families.
Greatly enhance the agreement process for new members and their families by allowing:
– Flexibility to read and execute agreement via Smart Phone, Tablet, Computer, or On Paper In-person.
– Auto reminders to complete necessary sections.
– High-resolution digital copies of agreement (before and after execution).
– Upload and attached necessary documents via Smartphone Camera or desktop document.


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