About myUnity

myUnity is a web-based electronic healthcare record (EHR) management program designed specifically for our business and the residents/members we serve. 


Nearly all positions within the company access myUnity to manage the care or billing of our residents/members. Some examples include:


Care Services Team

  • CNA’s use myUnity Touch to document ADLs and can view notes from previous shifts.
  • MED Techs and/or Nurses use myUnity to manage medication passes.
  • CDMs and Dieticians use myUnity to make sure the proper diets are provided to each resident/member.
  • RNs use myUnity to create and manage assessments.
  • HCAs and DONs use myUnity to view the care provided in real-time and ensure compliance for state/federal surveys.


Member Services Team

  • Life Enrichment Leaders and Wellness Coordinators use myUnity to manage resident/member participation and preferences. 


Accounting use myUnity to ensure proper billing for each resident/member.

About Maxwell Group, Inc.

Maxwell Group, Inc. is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and currently manages communities in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, and Connecticut. The Maxwell executive team consists of over 40 professionals providing development, operational, accounting, sales, IT, and creative services support to a portfolio serving over 2,500 residents.

The ITS Department is one of several departments at the Maxwell Group, Inc.

To learn more about the Maxwell Group, Inc., please visit www.maxwell-group.com

Charlotte, NC

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