This section has been created to provide new and seasoned employees resources to common “How To” questions.
The content is organized by subject (all of which are important). To learn about each topic, simply click on the icon of the subject.
NOTE: Certain documentation within the subject pages may require authentication (use your SLC Username and Password).


Maxwell Group provides employees access to a variety of software and services that require specific kinds of accounts and associated access. This section provides information about the most important systems and software and how employees access them.


File Storage and Sharing

Understand the approved methods of storing and sharing company data.


Desktop Phones

Learn the intelligence capabilities of your telephone system. Utilizing the systems as they were designed will greatly improve your productivity.


Remote Video Conference

Familiarize yourself with this powerful tool. Used to enhance your communication abilities with not only the home office, but with your colleagues at other SLC communities.


Printing and Scanning

Learn about the printing and scanning capabilities at your community.


Mobile Phones

Options available for approved positions that require the use of mobile phones and setup options.


Security and Updates

Learn what is required by you to keep company data and computers protected.



Need to be mobile while on-site? Understand the available hot spots at the communities and how to access the wireless connections.



About Maxwell Group, Inc.

Maxwell Group, Inc. is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and currently manages communities in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, and Connecticut. The Maxwell executive team consists of over 40 professionals providing development, operational, accounting, sales, IT, and creative services support to a portfolio serving over 2,500 residents.

The ITS Department is one of several departments at the Maxwell Group, Inc.

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