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In the course of carrying out our day-to-day business missions, we collect many different types of information, including financial, health, human resources information, and personally identifiable information. Federal and state laws impose many obligations on us to protect the confidentiality of information about our residents and employees. In turn, every employee has the obligation to practice appropriate safeguards to meet these requirements and obligations.

Appropriate protections (security controls) for the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data must be implemented to comply with regulations, contracts, and other operating agreements. Implementation of required administrative, technical & physical security controls varies, so it is critical that every employee has a clear understanding of IT and information security roles and responsibilities, to protect this data and prevent Data Breach (see the Data Breach section).

For the protection of the residents we serve, the employees, and the company – storage of electronic company data can be managed in three methods.

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Local file storage consists of any data that is stored directly on the hard drive of your laptop/desktop.


ABSOLUTELY NO files containing company financial, health, human resources information, and personally identifiable information are to be stored locally (i.e. on the (C:) drive). This creates the potential for Data Breach which can result in federal and state penalties (see the Data Breach section).

Local file storage should only be used to store non-essential company information or personal documents. Any company document created or used for daily operations must be stored in the appropriate SharePoint File Storage for optimal collaboration ability. Click on the appropriate SharePoint File Storage link below for more information.

To ensure local files (i.e. non-essential company information or personal documents) are secure, each user must use the Library / Documents Folder (i.e. “My Documents”). We strongly suggest users not save important files on the computer desktop.


Network storage is located on a centralized file server in the form of “Public Folders”. These “Public Folders” are managed by security rights allowing certain positions access to assist in effective communication with your local colleagues. Any company data not appropriate for SharePoint File Storage can be temporarily stored here.

SharePoint is a place to store and access centrally stored documents that are organized by company, community, and department. Using SharePoint, document collaboration is made easy and efficient (eliminating the need to constantly print or email multiple colleagues with attached documents).

There are essentially three dedicated SharePoint sites within our network used regularly by Home Office and Community staff members. Other SharePoint sites exist for special projects (i.e. New Development Projects such as Wellmore). 

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