Printing, Scanning, and eFax

Your community utilizes Konica Minolta Multifunction Printers for your printing and scanning needs. The workhorse at most communities is either the C554e and/or C754e.

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All supported printers are Networked and installed for your use by Group Policy. You will have to set your default printer as we have chosen not to force that choice upon you.

There are two supported scanning options from our large multifunction devices: scan to email and workflow scanning (scanning to a shared folder). Currently, only our healthcare team members are using the workflow scanning option.


Scanning Training and Documentation

The following links below will provide you more information on your Konica Minolta model:

 – Konica Minolta Scan to Email and Network Drive Guide

 – Brother MFC Scan to Network Drive Guide

 – Brother MFC L2740DW Scan to Network Drive Guide

The latest and more reliable methods of faxing no longer involve a traditional fax machine. We utilize HIPAA compliant and secure electronic faxing through a service called eFax. It allows the replacement of traditional fax machines with your computer utilizing Microsoft Outlook. If you are an authorized sender or receiver of faxes, please read the instruction sheet below on how to use the service.


eFax Training and Documentation
The guides below explain how to use the eFax service. If these guides do not cover your needs, please contact the help desk for guidance.

 – eFax: Send and Receive

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